Open Medicine Biologic Testing

Biologic Testing

Biologic  Testing

OMI  provides a resource for patients and community physicians to streamline the  delivery of clinical laboratory and research lab information and services under  a single umbrella. We are establishing a network of draw sites that have the  capability to collect and handle insurance and cash-based clinical samples for  patients and community physicians, while also enabling opt-in participation in  laboratory-based research.


Clinical  samples are passed through to the best clinical lab for a patient’s insurance,  and results can be delivered directly to the ordering physician electronically,  by fax, by secure mobile app, or on paper. Patients may get additional optional  access to their results through their physician and the OpenMedNet patient portal. Lab samples are handled by vetted commercial lab partners  (Quest, LabCorp, local hospital labs, regional labs, genomic and other  specialty labs) with OMI providing a higher-than-customary level of customer  service, knowledge, and shorter wait times than many routine lab stations.


  On  occasion, patients can consent (opt-in) to donate blood for research purposes  at the time of their routine draw (no additional needlesticks are required).  All OMI research sampling is done only with patient consent and contributes to  advancing science and medicine. 

We are always looking for healthy controls  and interesting conditions to study. Help us advance diagnosis and treatment in medicine—donate samples today! (Coming Soon)


About cttbbelliott

I am a married 60 year old woman with four adult children and nearly 12 grandchildren who all live in the southwest U.S. I have lived with the chronic illnesses of CSF and Fibromyalgia for nine years. I am not able to work for a living. I live on the prairie and love God. My Christianity is most important in my life.
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One Response to Open Medicine Biologic Testing

  1. 1brelliott1 says:

    I want to thank you for being you. I want to thank God for giving you the brains to do your type of job. Again, I want to thank you for choosing the research type of scientific medicine you’ve chosen so that people like myself can hope for a determination of findings as to what causes my illness and what will cure it. I thank God every day for your parents who perhaps instilled in you a sense of responsibility toward your fellow man/woman that you would choose this field of medicine to do your research in right now.

    I ask God each day to help you find the answers for millions of us who suffer such pain and fatigue. Those of us who don’t remember what it is even like to go out at night to a movie because of shear exhaustion.

    I thank you for your work and pray each day for you.


    Brenda Brown Elliott

    ME/CFS patient

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