Women let’s use some Common Sense

Women let’s use some Common Sense.


About cttbbelliott

I am a married 60 year old woman with four adult children and nearly 12 grandchildren who all live in the southwest U.S. I have lived with the chronic illnesses of CSF and Fibromyalgia for nine years. I am not able to work for a living. I live on the prairie and love God. My Christianity is most important in my life.
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6 Responses to Women let’s use some Common Sense

  1. Thanks for the pingback!

    • 1brelliott1 says:

      Oh ya, you betcha. lol

      • 1brelliott1 says:

        If you can, would you please respond to my questions on creative writing?

      • I am looking now. 🙂

      • I responded with this –

        If you have a publicists you are far far in front of me. lol. I just blog and of course I self published two eBooks that have seen very small sales. The reason I haven’t written a novel as of yet is because I cannot decide what type of novel I want to write. Lots of ideas and like you just said, hard to leave the old ones behind. Let me know when you find an answer? Or perhaps you have some actual authors you follow that will respond with advice. I for one think that when the “right” idea comes it will be a novel that flows right off your fingers. The hard part, as it should be, will be the reworking and editing. But the actual initial writing of it should be fun and smooth. If you are having to “force words” then you can imagine your reader can feel that when they read it. That is why I am like an old man with a line in the lake… waiting… -OM

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