into HIS plan

Into HIS Plan

Snippet from my current novel coming sometime in February or sooner. See snippet below!

“Oh, goodness, good morning my dear friend!  I didn’t even hear you approaching.  Did you sleep alright?  Those two glasses of wine put me to sleep like a baby.  How about you?”  Megan inquired. 

“Absolutely.  I think I zonked right out.  Thank you so much for the time and love you gave to me last night Megan.  You are a dear.  Will you be seeing Dylan tonight?”  Janie inquisitively asked. 

“Yes, in fact I invited him over for dinner.  I thought it would be good for you to see him and he loves a great lasagna dinner when somebody who makes it better than any in the world is preparing it…….” laughed Megan. 

“Awe!  I see!  Bribed him with my killer lasagna, did ya huh?”  Janie gave a great rendition of the perfect little Irish lass in her accented voice.  Janie Peterson was a Scandinavian through and through.  Her ancestry was Finnish, Swede, and Norwegian along with a bit of British.  Megan was the little Irish lass with the freckled face on pasty-white skin, a well-known trait of the Irish and Scotch.

Once the business of dinner was resolved Megan headed out the door while Janie got comfy on the sofa once again, reviewing in her head all they had chatted about last night.

 Megan was always good for giving sound advice and Janie knew she was best off heeding those words at this time when her decision making abilities were pretty much canvassed beneath heavy weights.   It was good she had the assignment to prepare tonight’s dinner as it gave her something to do and she wasn’t ready yet to see anybody else she knew in town that she was fairly close to. 

I should get some of my personal items out of the car this morning.  This afternoon I will make a run to Cub Foods for whatever ingredients I need for the lasagna.  A nice bottle of wine and salad with French bread will be great for dinner.

It will be good to see Dylan.  I wonder how he will react to my leaving Phoenix and leaving all chances of working things out with Tony.  He and Tony seemed to be quite the buddies at times, especially under the influence of a whole lot of liquor.  Tony was accustomed to pounding down the beers and chasing down shots as well.  Dylan, on the other hand, knew well about hangovers and vowed long ago not to do it too often.

That was one reason Tony could drink until he was blue in the face.  He never got hangovers.  He could drink for hours on end, get four hours of sleep, and be off and running to work again the next morning.  Just that simple.  I, on the other hand, could have one glass of wine or beer and have a headache all of the next day.  I just wasn’t meant to indulge in alcoholic beverages.  I certainly gave it my best though.



About cttbbelliott

I am a married 60 year old woman with four adult children and nearly 12 grandchildren who all live in the southwest U.S. I have lived with the chronic illnesses of CSF and Fibromyalgia for nine years. I am not able to work for a living. I live on the prairie and love God. My Christianity is most important in my life.
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