Fifty Years Ago Today

President John F. Kennedy was the first Catholic to serve as a president of the United States.  Why, you ask?  This history behind Catholicism in Europe is an ugly history with the Church in Rome building itself up to be so mighty and courageous in Europe and the Middle East, even Eurasia.   When the Pope refused to give Henry a divorce from Catherine the Great, Henry responded by cutting all ties to the Pope, establishing The Church of England, of which, he was the head.  He made all decisions religiously and tied all of it into the business of state, much as the Catholics had done throughout many years.

President Kennedy nearly lost the race for the presidency due to his religious upbringing, however, he proved to all that his religious beliefs did not affect the way he ran the country.  That is to say, major decisions were not made in accordance to what his type of Christianity was.  One purpose of the Constitution of the U.S. states expresses the confirmation of separation of church and state.

This is when the true sense of following our constitution regarding church and state was put to the test.  The gridlock between the Irish Protestants and Catholics had been a source of pain for many throughout all of the years, including back as far as the 1500’s when Luther cut off ties to the Vatican, beginnings his writings of what God meant for us to learn from the biblical articles written from way back during the time Jesus was here on Earth.

King Henry VIII ousted The Pope from the land of England who refused to give him a divorce from Catherine the Great, formerly of Portugal.  Those who denied patriotism to the King were massacred in numerous ways.  King Henry was a ruthless tyrant hungry for sex and control.

Martin Luther, in the 1500’s, defied both churches, leaving the Vatican to write the books of the Bible from the numerous articles he had access to.  Luther felt all people could and would live by The Word, honoring the Lord by having a source to teach them, guide them throughout the years of living in this world of sin.

The first religion followed by those British colonizers was The Church of England.  Once our first thirteen colonies were established by England the consensus of the people, over time,  was to keep church and state separated, which was reflected in our United States Constitution.  John Kennedy proved to be a very worthy, honest, intellectual free of influence by any church.

Today we celebrate the death of a great president and if you have any interest in learning more about The Reformation and Catholicism, please refer to the following website I am posting here.

This article has correct information regarding these difficult issues but is also simply my opinion of these events.


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I am a married 60 year old woman with four adult children and nearly 12 grandchildren who all live in the southwest U.S. I have lived with the chronic illnesses of CSF and Fibromyalgia for nine years. I am not able to work for a living. I live on the prairie and love God. My Christianity is most important in my life.
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