Action for M.E. in the United Kingdom


One of the U.K.’s most widely read websites in all of Europe as well…..

Worldwide CFS Websites

My first blog segment written on Cort’s new website was an exciting event for me as I began realizing how blogging could impact my life so tremendously.  As a writer of a novel (manuscript) and having always enjoyed putting thoughts down in print, I was thrilled to be able to be accepted as an author on Cort Johnson’s website,

I accidentally ran across this first blog with Cort on the website “Action for M.E.” one day while browsing cfs sites.  I was surprised and pleased to see that my very first blog was published in a U.K. website.  Well, stranger things have happened but this was a fun one…

Please allow me to share this site with you and, in particular, the blog segment they chose to publish there in Europe.  HealthRising’s Cort Johnson & Brenda Elliott on Coping.   Direct Link to European site to follow.  Or, type in Action for M.E. to access beforehand if desired.


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