Christian Celebrities

Ken Davis – christian comedian

For years Hollywood has pretty much Jesus Changed my Life phone Listbragged about its stance on conservative values, deeming the liberal left as the kings of freedoms.  However, through this oftentimes annoying portrayal of well educated political beings, they have come off looking like immoral, unscrupulous ‘I don’t give a care’ losers.

I have been a democrat in my lifetime.  Most of it, really, until becoming a born again Christian and marrying a conservative man, acquainting myself with those conservative ideals.  Although they mean to stand for what is Godly and righteous, unfortunately, they have managed to fall off the ends of the earth when it comes to living that righteous lifestyle.

Saluting the numerous types of celebrities from athletes to Hollywood stars, including but not limited to, American Idol participants and The Voice contestants.  Thankfully we are voting in a few good Americans who love God and their country.  Perhaps they will have more of an influence on society than any celebrities in the past.   Kudos to Tim Tebow, Kirk Cameron, Tyler Perry and many others.

I will assimilate a list of those who honor God regardless of their big money and status.  Included in the page is a copy of Phone List to Jesus…I hope it serves you well.  God Bless and have a fabulous day.

Please take time to enjoy the attached link of Ken Davis, Christian Comedian, who will not only make you laugh but will bring you to tears at times. 




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