Snippet from “Into HIS Plan” – My newest manuscript….

Everything for me checked out altogether fine.  I had my drinks in a small cooler on the floor in the front of the passenger seat.  My CD’s were neatly tucked into the leather carrier with my favorites in the beginning pages for easy access.  The passenger side window shade was up in case I needed it.

On the road of my personal journey....

On the road of my personal journey….

Honks and blown kisses left Mom and Jillian behind at Moll’s house and off I was on the last leg of my journey into my new life.  Now, this is something that came upon me once I got in that car and said goodbye.  A magnificent sense of freedom took hold right then and there.  I could feel a load lift right up out of my shoulders like somebody had removed the weight of a bullet proof vest.

What a splendid and glorious sense of exhilaration I was feeling.  I knew it wouldn’t last forever, but I was taken by the power of this feeling and somehow knew it was exactly the right choice for me to make, going back to my roots in Willmar, Minnesota.

The tunes were cranked.  The car was clean.  My energy was invigorating, beyond anything I had felt in many years.  Is this what I had been missing out on for so long?    Stuck in a loveless relationship for how long?  Or was this just what it felt like to have nobody  to answer to, nobody to have to live your life around?  Just living as one wishes without criticism from a spouse, parent, son or daughter, even a boss.  I had withdrawn my retirement funds when I left my job in Phoenix.  I planned on taking time off from life, period.  No commitments or complications in my life, just simple, pure, unadulterated living.  Every decision I would make would be my own.  It felt ecstatic.  Euphoric!  I felt blissfully blessed.  This is my life alone for just a period of time.

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Fifty Years Ago Today

President John F. Kennedy was the first Catholic to serve as a president of the United States.  Why, you ask?  This history behind Catholicism in Europe is an ugly history with the Church in Rome building itself up to be so mighty and courageous in Europe and the Middle East, even Eurasia.   When the Pope refused to give Henry a divorce from Catherine the Great, Henry responded by cutting all ties to the Pope, establishing The Church of England, of which, he was the head.  He made all decisions religiously and tied all of it into the business of state, much as the Catholics had done throughout many years.

President Kennedy nearly lost the race for the presidency due to his religious upbringing, however, he proved to all that his religious beliefs did not affect the way he ran the country.  That is to say, major decisions were not made in accordance to what his type of Christianity was.  One purpose of the Constitution of the U.S. states expresses the confirmation of separation of church and state.

This is when the true sense of following our constitution regarding church and state was put to the test.  The gridlock between the Irish Protestants and Catholics had been a source of pain for many throughout all of the years, including back as far as the 1500’s when Luther cut off ties to the Vatican, beginnings his writings of what God meant for us to learn from the biblical articles written from way back during the time Jesus was here on Earth.

King Henry VIII ousted The Pope from the land of England who refused to give him a divorce from Catherine the Great, formerly of Portugal.  Those who denied patriotism to the King were massacred in numerous ways.  King Henry was a ruthless tyrant hungry for sex and control.

Martin Luther, in the 1500’s, defied both churches, leaving the Vatican to write the books of the Bible from the numerous articles he had access to.  Luther felt all people could and would live by The Word, honoring the Lord by having a source to teach them, guide them throughout the years of living in this world of sin.

The first religion followed by those British colonizers was The Church of England.  Once our first thirteen colonies were established by England the consensus of the people, over time,  was to keep church and state separated, which was reflected in our United States Constitution.  John Kennedy proved to be a very worthy, honest, intellectual free of influence by any church.

Today we celebrate the death of a great president and if you have any interest in learning more about The Reformation and Catholicism, please refer to the following website I am posting here.

This article has correct information regarding these difficult issues but is also simply my opinion of these events.

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Knock out game trend in Brooklyn

Teens’ ‘Knockout Game’ a growing danger with deadly results

Published November 17, 2013

A recent string of attacks tied to a dangerous game called “Knockout” — where unsuspecting residents are targeted and sucker-punched – is being investigated as possible hate crimes.

New York police are looking into the growing trend, WPIX reports, after attacks in predominately Jewish neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

The most recent attack was caught on video last week in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, where a group of ten men spotted a man walking alone, punched him and kept moving, according to the station.

But New York is not the only place to see the “Knockout Game” being played out.

In Washington, D.C., Tamera Jackson, 27, told WJLA that a group of teens on bicycles came up behind her last week as she walked home and one of them punched her in the back of the head before the group sped away, laughing.

“For the fun of it.”

– Teen, speaking of ‘Knockout Game’

According to Fox 31 Denver, similar attacks have occurred in St. Louis and Pittsburgh, where a teacher was knocked out by a 15-year-old as he walked home from school last month. The attack was caught on a security camera video, and the teen was charged with assault.

And in New Jersey, CBS 2 reports, video footage shows Ralph Santiago, 46, randomly targeted for knockout by a group of teens. Santiago was later found dead with his neck broken and head lodged between iron fence posts, according to

Video shows Santiago walking during daytime in an alley, and just as he’s about to pass a pack of teenagers, one launches the fatal, knockout blow.

And what’s the point?

“For the fun of it,” one teen said in the video.

In September, a 13-year-old boy was sentenced to 18 months of confinement for the beating death of a 51-year-old man in upstate New York.

The teen had pleaded guilty to assault and attempted assault, admitting that he started the fatal beating by attempting to knock the man out with a single punch.

The teen said he and his friends were playing a street game called “knockout.” His punch apparently had little to no effect, but the follow-up from a 16-year-old boy caused bleeding in the victim’s brain, and he died in late May.

The 16-year-old co-defendant was found guilty last month in Onondaga County Family Court of second-degree manslaughter and received the same sentence.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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Successful women

Do men feel diminished by successful women?

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A College Read

Hi Brenda,

     Thank you for your time today. Your book sounds very interesting.  I feel it may have merit for being used in one of our courses.

Either the Holocaust course or  WW History.  Either way, I will share the book with those INSTRS  & also let you know ASAP if it would be possible to have you sit for an AUTHOR Signing  in DEC .

We will be in touch for sure.


Marge Parry


The Bookstop


1540 Northway Drive

St Cloud, MN 56303-1240



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Bio Thermalas

Visit Bio Thermalas in beautiful Costa Rica

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“There are no girl colours or boy colours…”

In days of old boys wore red shirts and britches that faded when washed leaving them pink. They wore them all of the time………….newsflash

Kindness Blog

Please click for clearer/larger image.boy with pink plaster cast for breast cancer awareness month holds a little girl's hand

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into HIS plan

Into HIS Plan

Snippet from my current novel coming sometime in February or sooner. See snippet below!

“Oh, goodness, good morning my dear friend!  I didn’t even hear you approaching.  Did you sleep alright?  Those two glasses of wine put me to sleep like a baby.  How about you?”  Megan inquired. 

“Absolutely.  I think I zonked right out.  Thank you so much for the time and love you gave to me last night Megan.  You are a dear.  Will you be seeing Dylan tonight?”  Janie inquisitively asked. 

“Yes, in fact I invited him over for dinner.  I thought it would be good for you to see him and he loves a great lasagna dinner when somebody who makes it better than any in the world is preparing it…….” laughed Megan. 

“Awe!  I see!  Bribed him with my killer lasagna, did ya huh?”  Janie gave a great rendition of the perfect little Irish lass in her accented voice.  Janie Peterson was a Scandinavian through and through.  Her ancestry was Finnish, Swede, and Norwegian along with a bit of British.  Megan was the little Irish lass with the freckled face on pasty-white skin, a well-known trait of the Irish and Scotch.

Once the business of dinner was resolved Megan headed out the door while Janie got comfy on the sofa once again, reviewing in her head all they had chatted about last night.

 Megan was always good for giving sound advice and Janie knew she was best off heeding those words at this time when her decision making abilities were pretty much canvassed beneath heavy weights.   It was good she had the assignment to prepare tonight’s dinner as it gave her something to do and she wasn’t ready yet to see anybody else she knew in town that she was fairly close to. 

I should get some of my personal items out of the car this morning.  This afternoon I will make a run to Cub Foods for whatever ingredients I need for the lasagna.  A nice bottle of wine and salad with French bread will be great for dinner.

It will be good to see Dylan.  I wonder how he will react to my leaving Phoenix and leaving all chances of working things out with Tony.  He and Tony seemed to be quite the buddies at times, especially under the influence of a whole lot of liquor.  Tony was accustomed to pounding down the beers and chasing down shots as well.  Dylan, on the other hand, knew well about hangovers and vowed long ago not to do it too often.

That was one reason Tony could drink until he was blue in the face.  He never got hangovers.  He could drink for hours on end, get four hours of sleep, and be off and running to work again the next morning.  Just that simple.  I, on the other hand, could have one glass of wine or beer and have a headache all of the next day.  I just wasn’t meant to indulge in alcoholic beverages.  I certainly gave it my best though.


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Fabulous Spain

I have traveled throughout the United States and have seen beautiful landscaping, terrain, sceneries that took my breath away.  Stunning waterfalls, mountains and valleys, snow capped peaks, rushing rivers, magnificent sunsets, Hotel California album covers, lol…..

But these Spanish castles, crimson leaves, and stunning architectural designs from centuries past are overwhelming in their history and beauty. 

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Duck Dynasty: A Real-Life Hollywood Drama





robertson family 660 duck dynasty a and e

By Jared Lafitte, Contributing Writer

Let’s make a good, old-fashioned Hollywood drama. 

Here’s the plot sketch:  A money-hungry cable network is searching for a new reality TV show to boost their ratings. They’re fresh out of ideas when a marketing agent finds out about an interesting family from the backwoods of Louisiana, the Robertsons. They’re self-made millionaires who run a duck call and sporting goods company, and they live in a swamp and go about life like an average, working-class family. The men also have some pretty epic beards.

The agent spills the news about what he’s found, and the creative board at the cable company is drooling. This Louisiana bayou family has all the ingredients for a knockout reality show: unique, quirky but relatable characters, an unusual lifestyle, a world most people will never live in but would be interested to see, and a strong family bond.

Best of all, the family is willing to sign a contract to do a show! Done deal, right?

There’s a catch: the family is a Christian family. We’re not talking about the decent-person, Easter-and-Christmas-type of Christian either. We’re talking about devoted, family-value Christians who take their faith very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that if their faith can’t be part of the show, there won’t be a show.

The network is conflicted. They’re chomping at the bit to get the ratings boost and advertising dollars they know this family will give them, but they don’t want to deal with the family’s faith. So, they try to compromise with the family. They’ll let the family express their values on the show as long as it doesn’t go “too far.” They’ll show the Robertsons praying at the table together and show them talking about their faith every once in a while. The family agrees, the contract is signed, and the cameras roll. Months later, the show is on the air, and the network’s ratings skyrocket. 

Soon, the network gets greedy and begins to overstep their bounds. To make the show a tad more edgy (with hopes of getting even better ratings), they start inserting fake bleeps in the show’s dialogue, even when the characters didn’t curse. Then, they ask the family to stop saying “In Jesus’ name” during their dinner-table prayers. They want the ratings, and maybe some family values. . . without the family’s values.

So, the Robertsons fight back, and the network listens. After all, this family is responsible for the most-watched show in their history, not to mention one of the most successful shows in television history. They’re already millionaires and don’t care about money, so not renewing a network contract wouldn’t be a problem for them. For the Robertsons, staying true to their convictions matters more to them than staying on television. They don’t need the network nearly as much as the network needs them.  The family patriarch, Phil, even goes so far as to say these words to an international media outlet:

“You gotta remember, it’s spiritual warfare. I mean, you’ve got people with no moral compass. It ain’t there. So what I tell people is be patient.

“They’re the ones, they own the network, and we’re filming the show.

“We signed the contract with them, ok, and it’s a workhouse, but what people have to understand is, the people of God have to understand, you’ve just got to be patient. You don’t turn that ship quickly. It’s a big ship. A lot of depravity and a lot of heathen and a lot of the evil one. He is entrenched in the United States.”

So, the drama continues. Phil criticizes the network, calling the editors people “with no moral compass.” The network pushes back, doing everything in their power to minimize the family’s Christian convictions on the show. 

In the end, though, the family wins. The show dominates cable television and its ratings increase each season. As it turns out, the very things the network wanted to minimize are the things its audience loved the most. The network realizes that the American viewing audience is actually a little more conservative and committed to faith values than they thought, and the Robertsons become household names.

I almost forgot to mention, this isn’t really a movie idea I thought up. It’s a real life drama.

It’s called Duck Dynasty.

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